Antique Victorian Sepia Photograph With Handwritten Message In Ornate Silver Plated Body

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Mike Mandel’s Selfies from the SeventiesCuriosity is the animating force of the photographs. You start to sense that Mandel sees everyone—the stranger and the self—as members of the same team. In photography, the technical and the artistic go hand in hand.

  • While identified colloquially as “3-D” photography, the extra correct term is stereoscopy.
  • Arriving at Parklands, we caught up with Tania who was fortunately stress-free upstrairs with her women.
  • The high quality of novice work can be comparable to that of many professionals.

You have household medical doctors, dentists, and stylists, but who do you have documenting your family’s journey? The cherished instances that you want to have the ability to press pause on, and savor? If you don’t have a household photographer, now may be the time to change that. • Taking photos of your team – Professional images Photograpy humanizes your brand …